Full-Service Bath
This service is offered at our
Normandy Park and Federal Way locations. 


The Soggy Doggy specializes in getting pets clean and our Full-Service Bath, also known as a Brush and Bath, is our most convenient option. Let's face it, we all have a long list of things to get done in a day. You can trust The Soggy Doggy to take great care of your fur baby while you focus on the rest of your to-do list.

Full-Service BathHere are just a few of the reasons to use our Brush and Bath service:


Less Stress - We want your pet's experience to be as relaxing as possible. That is why we give our Brush & Bath customers individual attention. Most grooming facilities will have you drop off your pet all day with 30 other dogs. The barking, the strange environment and waiting in kennels lead to a lot of anxiety for your pet. At the Soggy Doggy we believe bathing your dog should be more enjoyable.


Pets are washed at their appointment time and returned as soon as we finish, which is typically about one to two hours.


Full-Service Bath - Each Brush and Bath service comes with many features to ensure your pet is clean and smelling great! Every bath includes two shampoo washes and a cream rinse. Our shampoos are professional grade, high-quality shampoos that will make your pets coat shiny and soft. After discussing your pet's current skin and coat conditions we will choose between 10 different shampoos and conditioners to create a custom bathing plan. We will also brush your pet for 15 minutes, clean the ears, express anal glands (by request), shave the feet, provide a sanitary cut and conduct minor trimming if necessary.


Convenient Booking - Use our online booking feature to set an appointment (located in the box to the right entitled Schedule an Appointment). It is quick and easy whether using your computer, tablet or phone. For full-service bathing choose the Brush & Bath service when setting an appointment.


Customizable Options - Upon checking in our professional staff will inspect your pet and discuss your needs. We have many features that can be added to a Brush and Bath service to enhance your experience. Our Furminator Treatment can reduce shedding by up to 90%. If your pet has skin conditions such as yeast, bacterial or fungal issues we have options that can help eliminate the problem. We also can brush your pet's teeth or give him/her a doggy facial and much more.

If you have any questions please give us a call at:


Normandy Park: 206-824-6600

Federal Way: 253-838-3109


"What a fun place, dogs have fun in the water. Their people have fun spraying each other. Great helpful staff. And excellent price πŸ’œ"

Ada-Reva S.

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