Exclusively at our Federal Way location 
Full-Service Grooming 

For full-service grooming, book an appointment with one of our professional groomers by calling us at 253-838-3109.

You can trust The Soggy Doggy to make your fur baby our top priority. We want your pet's experience to be as relaxing as possible. That is why we give our dogs individual attention. Most grooming facilities will have you drop off your pet all day with 30 other dogs. The barking, the strange environment and waiting in kennels lead to a lot of anxiety for your pet. At the Soggy Doggy we believe bathing your dog should be more enjoyable. Pets are washed at their appointment time and returned as soon as we finish, which is typically about one to two hours.

Our experienced groomers provide personalized start-to-finish service to get your dog clean, brushed, trimmed and dry. Grooming rates depend on the dog's breed, size, condition, coat density and type of hair, temperament, and the type of cut you'd like.


Full-service grooming starts at $60 and includes:

  • Bath using all-natural, professional-quality shampoo and conditioner

  • Complete brush-out

  • Nail trim and grinding

  • Gland expression

  • Hair cut

"What a fun place, dogs have fun in the water. Their people have fun spraying each other. Great helpful staff. And excellent price 💜"

Ada-Reva S.