Nail Trims

Some dogs require very little nail maintenance because running on concrete or high activity levels wears down their nails naturally. However, most dogs require regular nail trims because they live indoors or are more sedentary in nature.

Maintaining proper nail length is an important part of caring for your pet.  When nails grow too long it can make it painful for dogs to walk.  Additionally, long nails can make it difficult to get traction on hard surfaces such as laminate or hardwood floors which results in slipping, falling and scratches on your floor.


In more extreme cases, some dog's nails will curl under and actually start growing into the footpads. This leads to painful sores and infections.


 Additionally, long nails can get caught on something and become partially torn off or split which is very painful for your dog.

At The Soggy Doggy, we want trimming your dogs nails to be as comfortable as possible for your pet.  That is why we involve the pet parent in the process.  Having you there to help hold the dog makes the experience more familiar. 

Your dog's safety is of the utmost concern while we trim dog nails.  Our employees are trained to read the dog nail so that we do not hurt your dog. 


No appointment is necessary to have your dog or cats nails trimmed.  Just stop by any one of our locations and one of our friendly staff members will take the worry out of nail trimming.

Dog or Cat Nail Trimming Service:

  • Less than 30 lbs   $9

  • 31 to 50 lbs   $10

  • Over 50 lbs    $11

  • Nail Grinding   $3 Additional

"What a fun place, dogs have fun in the water. Their people have fun spraying each other. Great helpful staff. And excellent price 💜"

Ada-Reva S.