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Bionic Bone

Our designers took years perfecting this bone! Careful attention was made to ensure it fits naturally in the curvature of the canine mouth. The ridges across the top give your dog the feeling that they are chewing through the toy – keeping them interested in it for months! Its unique interior shape provides strength for even the most aggressive chewers.


  • Ergonomically shaped to fit the curvature of a dog’s mouth
  • Ridges provide a chewy feel
  • Perfect for aggressive chewers
  • Open center can be stuffed with treats
  • Floats
Recommended for Dogs 1-20 lbs
Small: 3.4"L x 1.5"H x 1.9"W
Recommended for Dogs 15-35 lbs
Medium: 4.8"L x 2.2"H x 2.7"W
Recommended for Dogs 30-60 lbs
Large: 5.8"L x 2.6"H x 3.2"W
Extra Large
Recommended for Dogs 60-90 lbs
bone black