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Opening soon?

Our stores are in both King County and Pierce County and each of these jurisdictions have submitted application to Washington State to ease the phased opening plan restrictions.

In the case of King County (pertains to our Normandy Park, Kent and Federal Way stores), they are asking for a modified Phase One, or 1.5 as some have called it. This approach allows dog grooming to open back up. Yay!! However, we will be operating at 25% capacity and customers can only be in our stores for 30 minutes per visit. The time limit means some of our self serve baths customers will need to be fast but most should be just fine. However, I do not see many of our self serve groom customers being able to complete a hair cut in the 30 minute time frame. If you have a minor trim or a cut that takes less then 30 minutes please let our staff know once we open.

In terms of Full Service Grooming at our Federal Way store and Full Service Brush and Bath at our Normandy Park store, we will be able to offer services once Phase 1.5 takes effect. However, there will be certain things we will need to share with everyone to do so properly. That is a whole other post that we will make in the coming days.

For Pierce County (our University Place store), they are applying to go directly to Phase 2. That means we will have 50% capacity without a time limit. If that is approved we will be able to provide self serve washes and self serve grooming. As mentioned before we are still examining the possibility of doing nail trims and will let you know when we have something figured out.

Please keep in mind we are thoroughly examining our cleaning procedures and state/county requirements to make visiting our stores as safe and clean as possible. The health and safety of our customers, staff and families are of the utmost importance. Be on the lookout for further information on this front soon.

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