• David

Update on Reopening

The news yesterday that the Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order was being extended until May 31st was a tough message to receive. We have been closed for over a month and the idea of being closed another month seems almost impossible to believe. However, the health of our family, friends, and community are the most important things to consider.

There is good news in the four phase reopening of Washington state, though. In Phase Two, pet services and grooming services are listed as allowed businesses!

We are currently in Phase One of the plan. Each phase is evaluated after three weeks. Which means if we, as a state, are able to keep the numbers down in our fight against Covid-19 that The Soggy Doggy may be able to open in three weeks!

So, in the meantime please:

  1. Continue social distancing practices

  2. Wear a mask

  3. Brush your dog to prevent matting

  4. Buy pet food and treats from our web store for free one day delivery on orders over $25. Stay home and let us bring the food to you.

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