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Why Your Dog Should Try Cricket Treats

I understand you first thought may be, "CRICKETS???? Really?" Well, not only can I give you many reasons you should buy treats made from crickets but I can also tell you that your dog will love them too. In short, Jiminy's treats are delicious, nutritious, sustainable, humane and hypoallergenic!

Did you know, in the US, our dogs consume more than 32 billion pounds of protein each year? THIRTY TWO BILLION! That is billion with a B! This is an enormous amount of protein (typically cow or chicken) which is just not sustainable. Who would have thought you could make an environmental impact by choosing your dogs next treat?

However, sustainability (we will talk even more about this) is only one of the benefits. Let's dig into the facts.

SUPERFOOD Jiminy's uses cricket & grub protein powder in their products (roasted and ground with nothing added) • Protein • Amino Acids • Omegas • Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium PROTEIN AND SO MUCH MORE • Iron • Vitamin B2 & B12 • Taurine • Tryptophan • Fiber

COMPLETE PROTEIN - ESSENTIAL AMINO ACIDS Crickets & grubs, just like beef & chicken, are complete proteins. Both exceed AAFCO maintenance requirements for canines. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein - important for tissue repair, transporting nutrients through the body, and more… Jiminy's worked with Animal Biome to study the impact of cricket protein’s fiber on the dog’s gut. And great news - cricket protein supports a healthy, balanced level of gut bacteria diversity (gut micro-biome) in dogs. It’s pre-biotic! Crickets, like other insects, contain fibers, such as chitin, that are different from the dietary fiber found in foods like fruits and vegetables. Fiber serves as a microbial food source and some fiber types promote the growth of beneficial bacteria.

DIGESTABLE Jiminy’s partnered with Iowa State to take a deep dive into digestibility and cricket protein scored as high in digestibility as chicken or beef.

SUSTAINABILITY Crickets are farmed in barns and require exponentially less land to produce an equivalent amount of protein. Cricket farms use 93% less land than beef and 67% less land than chickens. If you compare one 5 oz bag of Jiminy’s with the same size bag of traditional  treats, the bag of Jiminy's will save 220 gallons of water!  JUST ONE BAG!

REDUCED GREENHOUSE GASES Jiminy’s partnered with Carbon Credit Capital to measure the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with our products. Jiminy's treats create 740% LESS GHG THAN BEEF TREATS AND 270% LESS THAN CHICKEN TREATS NOTE: Cricket & grub comparisons in this document are to chicken or beef ( 100g).

HUMANE At Jiminy's farm, crickets live a long and happy life. They are harvested close to the end of their natural life cycle – far different from other protein sources. In addition, the harvesting process is extremely humane as well.

HYPOALLERGENIC FOOD Beef, chicken, lamb, soy and even fish are the most common ingredients that trigger dog allergies. Vets are already using Jiminy’s in elimination diets because cricket & grub proteins are not allergens.

FOOD SAFETY Insects raised at clean indoor farms have been found to be free of common pathogens that plague the meat industry, e.g., E. coli, staph and listeria.

All of the benefits listed above are fantastic but don't forget Jiminy's treats are also LOW CALORIE, MADE IN USA, and have NO CORN, WHEAT OR SOY.

Now that you have learned all about the benefits of Jiminy's treats you are probably wondering what kinds of treats you can get for you dog. There are two basic types of treats that Jiminy's makes, cookies which are a crunchy biscuit also known as The Original Cricket Cookie and training treats that are soft and moist called The Chewy Cricket Treat. The crunchy Original Cricket Cookies come in two flavors, Original Recipe (Crickets, Lentils, Pumpkin, Flax Seed, and Peanut Butter) as well as Peanut Butter & Blueberry Recipe. The Chewy Cricket Treats come in two flavors as well, Pumpkin & Carrot Recipe as well as Sweet Potato & Peas Recipe.

As with all the products we sell at The Soggy Doggy, you can order online for pickup or free one day delivery. Of course you can always purchase these delicious treats in store as well.

Want to learn more? Check out our YouTube page's Jiminy's Playlist (Don't forget to subscribe to our channel and like our videos). You can also check out Jiminy's website at

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